For those who are not common with a whole concept cross-browser SVG generating with a help of JavaScript, please look at Raphael official site:

If you think that's impressive enough to spend some time with this library documentation might be needed:

g.Raphael - plug-in for building charts that I've mentioned previously. It's nice to create basic line, pie, dot and bar charts. It look really neat, works great, has a few fine options so if you are building something own definitely look at its code.

Unfortunately there is no documentation, so if you want to use it you have to learn from examples` source codes and look at unofficial references like those two:

The second isn't current (latest version number is 0.5) but gives a nice overview.

Finally a list of most interesting articles, tutorials and snippets about Raphael:

Some of them might be little out of date, but still they are very good source of knowledge.

Now my chart. It's buggy, messy and not universal but it has some neat solutions which could be time saving. So watch the chart and grab the code on Github.