Here it's a summary. I've divided all grids into 4 categories depending on place of code execution and comprehensiveness of the library. Some of libraries are mentioned in my previous post about RIA. Except name and link to the home page of plug-ins/libraries I'm giving a short information about license and date of the last update, the most important things beside grid's features.

Grid tools written in JavaScript

NameLicenseLast update
jqGridGPL and MITNovember 2011
ingridGPLNovember 2011
SlickGridMITNovember 2011
DataTablesGPL and BSDNovember 2011
tablesorterGPL and MITMarch 2008
Sigma Ajax GridLGPL and commercialApril 2010
flexigridGPL and MITMay 2011

Grid tools written in PHP

NameLicenseLast update
php Gridfree and commercialMarch 2011
Eye Data gridopen sourceDecember 2011

Libraries with grids written in JavaScript

NameLicenseLast update
dhtmlxGPL and commercialNovember 2011
dojo toolkitBSD and AFL 2.1May 2011
Ext JS 4GPL and commercialOctober 2011
jqGridcommercialNovember 2011
WijmocommercialOctober 2011
qooXdoocommercialApril 2011
Bindowsfree and commercial

Libraries with grids written PHP

NameLicenseLast update
apPHP Data Gridfree and commercial
KoolGridfree and commercialAugust 2010