The front page headline says "Over 60 simple but highly effective recipes to create interactive web applications using PHP with jQuery", it couldn't be surprise taking into account its title. Since it's a cookbook not a handbook we have a package of ready to use solutions rather that tutorials learning what the JavaScript is. For me as a intermediate jQuery programmer it's a well title. I don't have to read once again basic topics about selectors, events and effects.

Most common problem that I have with this type of books is that the solutions that I count find there not only makes me ponder over them but sometimes even contradict the knowledge that I have. This time it is different. From the beginning I've a filling and mental comfort that the author bases on best practices that we could be find in many web resources. It helps to straighten up information I have.

    For me most interesting recipes were:

  • checking for missing images.

  • detecting an AJAX requests.

  • aborting AJAX requests.

  • loading JavaScript on demand to reduce page load.

  • fading element after updating it.

  • sending cross-domain requests using server proxy.

  • making cross-domain requests with jQuery.

  • creating endless scrolling page.

Beside that it help me to do a small revision of simple XML and DOM libraries. Recapitulating it's a well written book with interesting and useful recipes and with really in-depth explanations. Exactly those explanations and a form of book as a coherent source of a proven knowledge are its main advantages.

Before you buy check table of contents if you need it. If you do, you shouldn't be disappointed.