At the moment of writing this article my list of favorites books on safaribooksonline have 45 items, so the real list is much longer then this presented, but lets start with only a part.


I was surprised by so low number of books in jQuery category. Probably it's because I'm looking for advanced solutions based on latest jQuery versions or plug-ins. Learning jQuery and jQuery Cookbook - definitely worth checking.

  • jQuery Cookbook

  • Learning jQuery Third Edition - Jonathan Chaffer, Karl Swedberg

  • jQuery Mobile - Jon Reid


I'm trying to learn vanilla JS but I'm working on a regular bases mainly with jQuery so after hours of learning I know only those parts of JS that I need for jQ scripts. Advanced JS still on the horizon.

  • JavaScript: The Definitive Guide - David Flanagan

  • JavaScript Cookbook - Shelley Powers

  • Modern JavaScript: Development and Design - Larry Ullman

  • JavaScript Patterns - Stoyan Stefanov

  • JavaScript Web Applications - Alex MacCaw


I'm not sure what should I think about CS. On the one hand I like short and clean code, on the other I can't get rid of an impression that CS code is less readable.

  • Programming in CoffeeScript - Mark Bates

  • The Little Book on CoffeeScript - Alex MacCaw


PHP is my main working language so it's necessary to master it. If you are looking for a good introduction into PHP OOP try with PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice, Third Edition. After years since reading it first time I'm still getting back to it for some design patterns review.

  • PHP Master: Write Cutting-edge Code - Davey Shafik, Lorna Mitchell, Matthew Turland

  • Pro PHP Application Performance: Tuning PHP Web Projects for Maximum Performance - Armando Padilla, Tim Hawkins

  • PHP Ajax Cookbook - Milan Sedliak, R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah, Roshan Bhattarai

  • PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice, Third Edition - Matt Zandstra

  • Pro PHP Refactoring - Francesco Trucchia, Jacopo Romei

  • Professional PHP Design Patterns - Aaron Saray


MySQL is the base I'm working with but I'm never had an opportunity to learned it really well. MySQL Stored Procedure Programing gave me basics of programing in MySQL environment but lot of advanced topics ahead of me.

  • MySQL 5.1 Plugin Development - Andrew Hurchings, Sergei Golubchik

  • MySQL Stored Procedure Programming - Guy Harrison, Steven Feuerstein

  • MySQL Troubleshooting - Sveta Smirnova


Using HTML5 requires nowadays a lot of extra effort to provide the same functionality and experience to all users regardless of web browser they are using. Even if you're not going to use HTML5 until it will be 100% safe, you can find out haw the Internet of tomorrow will look like.

  • HTML5 Cookbook - Christopher Schmitt, Kyle Simpson

  • HTML5 Canvas - Steve Fulton, Jeff Fulton

  • HTML5 & CSS3 For The Real World - Estelle Weyl, Louis Lazaris, Alexis Goldstein

ActionScript, Flex and AIR

I've started with AS, Flex and AIR recently so every book have something new for me.

  • Flex 4 Cookbook - Joshua Noble, Todd Anderson, Garth Braithwaite, Marco Casario, Rich Tretola

  • ActionScript 3.0 Bible - Roger Braunstein

  • Adobe AIR Bible - Benjamin Gorton, Ryan Taylor, Jeff Yamada


Mainly complementary stuff...

  • Building the Realtime User experience - Ted Roden

  • Graph Data Management - Sherif Sakr, Eric Pardede

  • Learning UML 2.0 - Russ Miles, Kim Hamilton