First of all 2 main projects. Learning PHP 5.3, PHP design patterns and learning plain JavaScript.

After years of searching a good book about PHP, that could help me rise my skills into upper level, I've found it. It's PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice by Matt Zandstra. What's so great about this book? Almost 200 pages about design patters from the perspective of PHP. It helped me understand a lot and still helping because I haven't finished yet. After I've read it once it becomes my textbook during creating my private projects. Beside design patters, this book have nice chapters about OOP - nothing fancy, but it may help make some quick review, PEAR library, phpDocumentator, SVN, PHPUnit, Phing and Continuous Integration. Cutting a long story short this book is giving you a great foundations of skills that you need to have if you like to consider yourself as advanced PHP programmer. As additional learning resource I recommend series about design patterns - Practical PHP patterns and new series about refactoring Practical PHP refactoring.

Second most time consuming project, came up unexpectedly. After spending hours and hours on PHP I needed some break, so I decided to do a small research on things that would be nice to learn. This way I've "lost" a reading about what is really happening the world of web applications. I've rediscovered a term RIA and diversity of frameworks for creating one page applications. As many times before questions and answers on stackoverflow helped me to straighten up issues and give a good starting point. Let me just name most important tools for creating rich applications. I'll try back to this topic and do a small review on each of frameworks listed below, but for now I'll start with something simpler. If you see any mistakes let me know.

Rich user interfaces based on the most popular open source JavaScript frameworks:

Frameworks based on JavaScript, more complex, tconcentrated only on RIA

More advanced solutions based not strictly on JavaScript:

Frameworks giving a foundation for creating applications rather than a set of widgets:

Based on JAVA:

If you're looking for small handy tools for some JS job? Try at microjs.

When I saw all of this I've realized that my basic skills at JavaScript are much too low to go further then applications based on jQuery User Interface which I already know. Then I've found probably the best on line tutorial ever, it's available at After a few weeks of learning I've not only organized my knowledge about JS, but also filled knowledge gaps and learned many new thing. What's interesting from day to day writhing scripts in jQuery became much easier. My advise - if you know some of JavaScript frameworks, take a step back and learn at least solid foundations of pure JavaScript.

Beside things mentioned before I've started reading The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven Skiena. Definitly it's an interesting book, but I'm sure that wading through this book will take a several months.

At the end a list of most interesting articles, libraries and presentations I've read and seen lately: First 3 links lead to Andy Osmani's works. He really showed me a new level of building applications using jQuery.

Nice library build on a top of jQuery UI. Partly free, can by used under MIT or GPL license.

If you're looking for a good resource about HTML5 take a look at:

Great collection of JavaScript libraries and jQuery plug-ins:

Last link is a nice presentation of what can be done in a JavaScript: