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The most useful and interesting books about webdevelopment (in my opinion)

Below I present a short list of books that I'm currently reading, I'm going to read in a closest future or I've already finished. I can't recommend all of them because I'm not really sure if they're good enough. Probably some of them just have catchy titles, subjects or tables of contents. Nevertheless even if they turn out wast of time it's worth to take a risk and try something new.
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MySQL stored programs: functions

Since the fifth release of MySQL (5.1 to be exact) programmers have capability to use stored programs (functions, procedures and triggers), a feature well known from other popular databases. According to the result of my small research it's a nameless subset of the ANSI SQL: 2003 SQL/PSM specification, very similar to the SQL PL (based on the same specification) used by DB2 and less similar to the PL/SQL (Oracle, DB2), PL/pgSQL (PostgreSQL) and T-SQL(SQL Server and Sybase).
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Basic chart with Raphael and a few learning resources

Raphael is a much less popular then jQuery or even Mootools. It's harder to find tutorials, help and as far as I know there isn't any book about it. Taking that into account I'm putting chart that I've created during learning basics of Raphael. One day it may become an alternative for g.Raphael (I can hardly imagine that), but at this stage it could be only a starting point or a testing ground. It may help you start your own project based on Raphael.js.
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